2nd graders
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Grade Levels

Cub House

(Child Development – First Grade)


A cub house in a tree with a tiger cub climbing the tree.


Child Development

Mrs. Alston & Mrs. Jones- CD 3/4

Mrs. Belton & Mrs. Thompson - CD 4



Ms. White-Salley & Ms. Douglas


First Grade

Ms. Harrison

Mrs. Monroe



Tiger Den

(Second – Sixth Grade)

A clip art image of a tiger.  

Second Grade

Mrs. Simpson

Mrs. Pyles


Third Grade

Ms. Brooks – ELA & Social Studies

Ms. Brackett – Math & Science


Fourth Grade

Ms. Thompson


Fifth Grade

Ms. Beaver - ELA & Social Studies

Mr. Simmons - Math & Science


Sixth Grade

Mrs. Cousar




Academic Arts


A tiger playing an accordion




Dr. Belinda Willis



Mr. Huggins



Mr. Lindsay



Mrs. Ryan





Physical Education

Ms. Miller





Supplementary Classes


A tiger holding a laptop


Literacy Coach

Mrs. Knott


Resource Teacher

Mrs. Riley


Speech Teacher

Mrs. Violette


Math & Science Lab

Ms. Hill



Mrs. Jennings


Career Specialist

Mrs. Greene